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A one stop shop for information and advice in your pregnancy, for the birth and beyond. 

Welcome to this section of the website that provides you with lots of valuable information on parenthood from many maternity partner organisations and hospital departments across Humber, Coast and Vale.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust held a very popular monthly carousel event where you could attend to meet many organisations supporting you with parenting information. Due to social distancing guidance this event has had to be temporarily stopped. 

We have included links to some parent education resources below.

Labour and birth

Video - Early Labour at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 

Video - Active Labour at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Video - Second and Third Stage Labour at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust  

Breastfeeding Video - How to breastfeed your newborn from Mumsnet and Public Health England 
Children's Centres

Children's Centres East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Children's Centres Hull City Council 

Children's Centre York 

Children's Centres North Yorkshire

Healthy lifestyles

Video - Gestational diabetes

Healthy diet in pregnancy 

Exercise in Pregnancy

Drinking alcohol when pregnant

Stop smoking advice Bump the Habit

Infant feeding LMS Page
Care of the newborn
Coping with crying  ICON Babies Cry, You Can Cope
Car seat safety Choosing a baby car seat
Home birth

Video from Hull & East Yorkshire Home Birth Group

Hypnobirthing Video from HypnobirthMidwivesUK
Parent education 

Antenatal Classes in Hull and East Riding  - Hull University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust 

Online advice and tour of maternity services  - York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Maternity resources - Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Foundation Trust 

Baby massage

Video of step-by-step guide to massaging your baby from the NCT

Prenatal and postnatal exercise

Prenatal Yoga  from Fitmums & friends.

Postnatal Yoga from Fitmums & friends.

Perinatal mental health  Video from NHSE Chief Midwifery Officer Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent
Maternity Voices Partnership  LMS Page
Labour Ward and Midwifery Led Unit
Home and fire safety

Link to RoSPA Home Safety Resources 

Dentistry Video - How do I brush my child's teeth? (6 months to 7 years)
Demonstrations of bathing and nappy changing

Video - How do I change a dirty nappy?

Video - How do I bath my baby?

Safe sleeping

Link to Lullaby Trust Safer Sleep Resources 

Link to Baby Sleep Info Source

LMS Page 

Couple Midwife and Question MarksIn recognition that the current situation around Coronavirus (COVID-19) may be causing you some anxiety each Humber, Coast and Vale Trusts now offers an 'Ask a Midwife' service (available Monday to Friday).

The following links will take you to Facebook sites where you can find frequently asked questions and privately message any queries directly to a midwife.

York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust  (York Hospital and Scarborough General Hospital)

Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust  (Hull Women and Children's Hospital)

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust  (Scunthorpe General Hospital, Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital and Goole and District Hospital) 

2019-07-03 (7)

Your baby is now officially an embryo and is about the size of a poppy seed.

Please visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/4-weeks-pregnant/ for more information.

2019-07-03 (4)

Your baby is now the size of a kidney bean and weighs 1g. 

Please visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/8-weeks-pregnant/ for more information.

2019-07-03 (6)

Welcome to the second trimester!

Your baby is about the size of a small lime and weighs approximately 14g.

You have hopefully seen your midwife for your 'booking in' appointment, if you have not yet seen a midwife please make an appointment quickly, so you can have all of your choices about screening tests explained and offered to you.

Please visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/12-weeks-pregnant/ for more information. You can also link to the 'Pregnancy Journey' area here.  


Your baby is about the size of an avocado and weighs approximately 100g. 

Please visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/16-weeks-pregnant/ for more information.

2019-07-03 (2)

Your baby has grown in length and is now the length of a small banana and weighs approximately 300g. Around this time you will be offered your '20 week' scan, also known as the 'anatomy' or 'anomaly' scan.Click here for more information about screening. 

This is a also a good time to talk and sing to your bump as your baby can now hear sounds. This is great way for you and your partner/family to bond with your baby.

Please visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/20-weeks-pregnant/ for more information.

2019-07-03 (8)

Your baby has grown again to the approximate length of an ear of sweetcorn and weighs about 600g. 

Please visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/24-weeks-pregnant/ for more information.

2019-07-03 (1)

Welcome to the third trimester!

Your baby is now approximately the weight of an aubergine; about 1kg and approximately 37cm in length. 

Please visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/28-weeks-pregnant/ for more information.

2019-07-03 (3)

Your baby now weighs approximately the same as a coconut; around 1.5kg. 

Please visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/32-weeks-pregnant/ for more information.

2019-07-03 (5)

Your baby is now around the same size as a lettuce, approximately 47cm long and weighs around 2.6kg. 

Please visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/36-weeks-pregnant/ for more information.

2019-07-03 (9)

Your baby is now the weight of a small watermelon which is approximately 3.3kg and around 50cm in length. 

Please visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/40-weeks-pregnant/ for more information.